Brisbane and surrounding regions have a vast number of beautiful natural scenic areas to visit. We have designed picnic hampers that can be delivered to you on your special day for a relaxing breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We will deliver the hamper to you at your requested time and location with everything you need to enjoy your meal.

If you are not familiar with the area, as locals we can give you some great recommendations on locations which will enhance your special experience.

We provide sumptuous picnic hampers delivered to your location with hand made fresh produce for you to enjoy. We hand make the food in the hamper with maximum flavours and deliver to your location and set up if you choose or you can pick up from our kitchen. The pricing on the website is for 2 people however we can do hampers from 1-1000 people. Individual hampers are lunch box style mini boxes for one and are ordered for groups of people for outdoor events, meetings, day trips etc. Hampers for 2 are often ordered as gifts, surprises, work lunches, sent to hospitals, families w newborn babies or just for fun.

The food is packaged in a polystyrene box for transport and biodegradable packaging that can be thrown in the bin and will break down over time to avoid contributing to landfill. We believe in minimising our wastage and impact on the environment and use companies that support this ethos in our supply chain. The idea is that you can pick up your hamper and not have to do anything else. Boxes get returned to our kitchen to prevent them going into landfill and for reuse. However we can make it extra special for you should you want to impress with our Extra Special options below.

Making it "Extra Special"

Hampers are delivered in food safe boxes and a mat to sit on, however we can replace those with baskets and blankets for your special day or wrap the boxes. We can make your occasion all the more special with flowers, gifts, drinks or any extras that you might like. Our hampers are designed for you to pick up or get dropped off and take with you to your location of choice. The boxes are quite big as we have generous serves of our hand made food. Enjoy the outdoors with some lovely food prepared just for you.

We have an arrangement with a local florist who can provide fresh flowers for your special day. We can pick up gifts or special drinks you may like for your picnic.

ADD wrapping to your box with a written gift card $15.00

ADD a bottle of Champagne - POA

ADD flowers - POA


Food Safety

Hampers are made fresh and delivered to clients with the intent of being eaten immediately. Hampers are placed in polystyrene containers that keep food cool for several hours however if the food is sitting outside for periods of time the following food safety standards should apply.

If food has been within temperatures of 5-60 degrees for 2 hours or less the food can be either eaten or refrigerated. If it has been within temperatures of 5-60 degrees for 4 hours or more it has to be discarded as the levels of bacteria in the food can be harmful. Holistic Hospitality does not take responsibility for the food safety of the food once it has been delivered.





We Care

We really care about the environment and are very proud of the way we chose to do business. By choosing quality, fresh foods and being mindful of the way we produce and package our food we have significantly reduced our environmental impact.

Check our our Green Policy

Gift Cards

Did you know we have gift cards available for both catering and hampers? What a great way to show you care about that special someone in your life.

Gift cards are also a great idea for new mums, letting them spend a little more time with the family and less in the kitchen.

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